Look & Feel

The best way to get the look & feel of our Nursery Sales & Inventory Management software is to call for a demo.
Here is a sample taste...

Many rudimentary inventory systems are developed in Microsoft Excel.   While Excel allows a complete list view of your data, it does not allow sorting or reporting.   It's just a list.  We have retained that complete data list approach to viewing your data and have given you a whole new level of sort & report capability.

The screen below is a typical inventory screen and it is typical of the look & feel of most screen displays in the software.  The inventory data columns that display are selected by the user in program setup.  There is a wide variety of data that can optionally display.

"Drill down" detail is available by double clicking most any number in the data display.  For example, the three columns Count, Forecast, and Purchase show inventory graded, forecast (but not yet graded) and on order via a PO from another grower.  If the user double clicks the count detail, another screen pops up to show the physical location of the inventory.   A double click on purchase shows what vendor(s) have our pending orders.

Our unique filtering toolbar allows us to show any columns or data within the columns.  We can then click to export that filtered data set to an Excel spreadsheet, if desired, or to one of dozens of pre-defined report layouts located in the reports list in the lower right corner of nearly every screen.

Here are a couple of videos that help make the point: