Online Help

There are dozens of short how-to videos on our "training/help" website

ACS Nursery Management Software constantly morphs and grows to fit the changing needs of our client nurseries.  As new features are added or expanded, we build short training videos or pdf documents to assist you in using this very comprehensive data management tool.

Click How To Use the Training Site
for a short video.

You may at any time request a new topic or a revision of one that may not have answered your questions.  There is never a charge for request to add information to the online training site.

Personal Help

The ACS Nursery Sales and Inventory system resides on a secure server that you access with a built-in feature of Windows called "Remote Desktop".  This is far more secure than web- based data storage.

When you have a question or data issue, we can view the question or problem on your computer by logging into your session so that we can see your screen display (with your permission).  If you grant permission, we can work on your computer to correct a problem or answer a question immediately.

Note - this does not grant any permission to access you computer, only the server log-in session that is currently in progress.

Data Support

Many support questions that we receive are about the nursery data, not about the operation of the program.  For example, a typical question might be "I do not see availability for XYZ plant product in my inventory and I am sure I have them.  Why does my data show otherwise?"

Unlike software companies that sold you a product and then vanish from the scene, we can look at your data and help you find the missing or incorrect entry that contributed to the problem.

About 80% of the questions we receive are about the content of the report or screen information and not about the program.