Purchasing Overview

  If you have the purchasing option turned on, you may purchase plant materials and have them automatically be entered into inventory as you receive the plants via the PO entry form.

There are two PO entry systems.  The first is a Master PO system that works in similar fashion to the Master Sales Order.  That is, a large order is placed where many deliveries are expected.  The second type of PO data entry is a single receipt order where on delivery is expected.
Purchasing Overview
Your purchase order system integrates with inventory by showing you the status of purchases pending.
  • When a customer order is created, the qty shows as plants "On Order"
  • When a PO request for quote is created with a status of pending, the qty shows as plants "Needed"
  • When the request for quote is confirmed and changed to pen status, the qty shows as plants "In-Transit"
  • When the plants are received, the qty shows as plants "Purchased"
You can double click on the numbers to see PO or Sales Order details depending which column and plant line number you click.