Services and Pricing

How we're different...

We do not "sell" the software and leave you on your own.
We lease month-to-month, no upfront cost, no commitment.

This means the software is ALWAYS CURRENT and we are available to serve you when/if needed. In this way, the cost of your software is spread over many years, the software tool is never outdated, and this "pay-as-you-go" system means that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Personalization of your reports with logos and some custom reports.

Our software is best suited to wholesale nursery operations focused on Field Growing, B&B, Container, and Bare Root.



    • Software Lease Includes

      $ 0 upfront
      • Secure Website
        Access from anywhere with Internet
      • 24/7 Training / Support Website
      • Additional Help Videos always free
    • Services Included w/Lease

      $ 0 charge
      • Online & Phone Support
      • Custom reports to fit your
        business practices 
      • Personalized staff training